Best Electric Gas Lighters in India 2021 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Our Top Electric Gas Lighters in India Picks

#1 Livyu Life#2 Crystal Plastic#3 S&P TechnoWorld
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When it comes to the kitchen, some essentials provide massive help. Though these can be a small one, it has enormous importance. One of the things is the kitchen lighters. Lighters are the basic essential that needs to be there in kitchen utensils. These are necessary tools for kitchen dwellers. Without this, you cannot imagine the kitchen to be fully flourished. The use of matchsticks for igniting the gas is not preferable. It is way unsafe and can cause massive accidents. To prevent that, there, electric lighters are the safest option. It doesn’t only helps you to ignite the gas stove, but the additional features of these can help you in the best possible ways. This review is all about electric gas lighters. Here we are providing some of the best electric gas lighters available in the Indian market. In this, we have selected the best ones based on usage, price, efficiency, and durability.

Best Electric Gas Lighters in India 2021

The following are the best in class electric gas lighters that can help you shorten the buying decision. These lighters are efficient and can help you in the best possible ways. Apart from the core knowledge, it is quite essential to get a grab of buying methods. We will provide all of that. Let’s delve towards the ten best electric gas lighter in India  for the time being.

#1. LIVYU LIFE Kitchen Gas Lighter with LED Torch (Blue)

Acquiring safety while equipping any tool for the kitchen is mandatory. This lighter fulfills all the concerns and helps the user to use it without any stress. It is equipped with a child lock function that makes it secure and safe. The LED flashlight allows you to use it in dark places also. The extended flexible neck makes it quite safe in the vicinity of flames. This is among one of the best in class products.

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It has a windproof design that makes it entirely redundant against a heavy wind. It is constructed with the help of carbon steel that provides a body that prevents rust and corrosion effectively. The 360-degree rotating design makes it quite apt for getting anywhere. The USB charging helps you to get a grab over effective charging. With one full charge, you can use it for 350 times.

The innovative approach of this rechargeable lighter makes it quite excellent. It is a coil lighter that makes it quite simple to flame on your stove. The TSA approval makes it quite apt as a quality product that has all the practical functions. Though there are some of the essential care should be taken to keep a safe approach.

What we like:

  • Long, flexible neck
  • Child lock
  • Built-in led flashlight
  • Carbon steel
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • 360-degree rotating design

#2. Crystal Plastic Continuous Spark Lighter

The primary concern of any electric lighter is the spark. With regular usage, it is susceptible to lose the spark, but this lighter provides continuous spark in just one press. It is suitable for all places and remote areas. It runs on battery, and ignition is quite effortless. Apart from the core features, this is equipped with a credible design that comes from Italy. If you want to provide a well-designed tool, then this is an apt one.

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It comes with a top table stand that prevents it from getting misplaced. The body of this lighter is made up of plastic, which provides extreme durability. It comes with a Duracell battery that guarantees long-lasting usage. This tool can be a good one for your kitchen. The design complements your kitchen interior.

Apart from all the features, the company provides excellent assistance by giving a warranty of one year. You can use it without any hassle for an extended period. If you are planning t buy a trendy lighter that can provide practical help, this is an apt choice. Opt for this and equip your kitchen with a tool that offers effective functioning.

What we like:

  • Tabletop stand
  • Multiple sparks
  • New look
  • Multicolour

#3. S&P TechoWorld 2 in 1 Kitchen Dolphin Shape Electronic Electric Gas Lighter With LED Torch

It is among those brands that provide ample features, which makes it a piece of must-have kitchen equipment. If you are planning to buy a mid-priced electric lighter, then this is an apt one. It doesn’t only provide aesthetics, but the features are of high quality. If you are getting a multitude of functions at this price range, then it is a good investment. Just opt for this and equip an excellent tool for your kitchen.

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The non-stop spark makes the flaming easy and without any hassles. The easy to hang design comes with a pullout handle. This handle is quite effective in keeping it at a specified place in your kitchen. The multicolor availability makes the user choose from different colors s per their kitchen interior.

The LED torch is the best feature that can help you in darkness. The body is manufactured with ABS plastic body that provides maximum durability and long-lasting usage. Apart from this, there are some of the concerns hats should be given a check. You should not use it with wet hands and keep it away from children.

What we like:

  • Special led torch
  • Spark soft-touch switch
  • Abs body
  • Convenient to use
  • Metal front cap

#4. Kesariyaji Plastic Gas Lighter for Kitchen Stove, Electric Dolphin Shaped with LED Torch

When it comes to convenience, this local brand provides it in all aspects. Whether it is economical or with ample features. You can avail of this at a minimal price range. The multitude of functions makes it quite excellent for continuous usage. This electric lighter can be used for different purposes. With this, you can get all the compelling advantages of an excellent tool for day to day use.

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The non-stop spark provides an apt advantage while flaming the stove. It is equipped with an LED torch that can assist in darkness also. It runs on an AA cell, which is not included in the packaging. The availability of AA cells makes it quite easy to use. The design of this lighter is innovative as it provides a view of the dolphin.

Continuous usage of any tool makes it quite tough too long last. This is among those who are quite efficient. The soft-touch to generate the spark makes it excellent in functionality. The USP of this product is its design and easy usage. You can get all the efficient features in a legible price tag.

What we like:

  • Led torch
  • Non-stop spark
  • Soft-touch switch
  • Easy and convenient
  • Abs body

#5. FIT N SAFE RICHBELLS 2 in 1 Electronic Plastic Dolphin Gas Lighter Smart with LED Torch

It is among the renowned brands that manufacture electric lighters with apt functionalities. It is advisable to invest in a product that is manufactured by a famous brand as the credibility increase with it. If you are planning to buy an electric lighter that helps you in the best possible ways, this will provide you all.

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You can get a different experience by using this electric lighter due to its functioning. T comes in different colours. You can choose according to your preference as per the kitchen interiors. This easy to use approach makes it a convenient product that helps you in the best possible ways.

It is made up of the ABS a quality plastic body that provides durability and long-lasting usage. The metal front cap makes it safe for using it in the vicinity of flames. It safeguards the body of the lighter and also helps to save your hand while igniting. It is recommended not to use it with wet hands. Keep yourself away from any mishappenings by following the instructions.

What we like:

  • Soft-touch switch
  • Easy and Convenient
  • Superior quality
  • Effective cap covering

#6. EzLife USB Plasma Rechargeable Electric Lighter for Kitchen, Pooja Room, Candles, BBQ, Cigars, Multi-Purpose

This is one of the best mid pricing rechargeable electric lighters with all the features, which makes it quite efficient. It can be used for almost all the functions without any second thought of burning. The easy to use approach is making it superior to competitors. It is equipped with a safety lock that has easy functionality.

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It is one of the lighter that doesn’t emit butane, which may be harmful to users. The use of plasma tech in this lighter is the USP. Apart from all the essential features, the longer handle makes it quite good for use. The economic approach of this electric lighter makes it quite apt for the users. It is made up of aluminum that never gets rusty o corroded. It runs on battery, and also o that, it can be recharged.

The design of this charger is quite safe as it provides a safety lock that can prevent any accident. The lightweight and compact body make it appropriate for continuous usage. It is ideal for carrying anywhere. Travelers use this lighter abundantly. The feature of a 10-second automatic shut-off provides a long-lasting approach for saving energy.

What we like:

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion 220mah
  • 360 rotation flexible elbow
  • Longer handle
  • Easy to use
  • Safety lock
  • Windproof & moisture-proof

#7. LIVYU LIFE Kitchen Gas Lighter with LED Torch- Storage Hook – USB Rechargeable

At times the main concern of people regarding the lighters emphasizes safe use. Most of the kitchen is open for children, and they tend to use these handy tools as a toy. This is among the technologically advanced lighters that are equipped with a child lock function. This function is incredible and helps you to keep your child safe from any kind of mishappenings.

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Apart from the secured feature, it has a built-in LED flashlight that helps the use of rin dark places. It is equipped with a long, flexible neck that helps you to safeguard your fingers when using this. The windproof mechanism of this lighter makes it quite rugged for the use. It is made up of carbon steel that makes it quite light and saves it from corrosion. With all the different features, you can expect lighter that makes it worth your investment.

The design of this lighter is quite good as it has a 360-degree rotating approach. You can get it to any place that is not available by the normal ones. It also supports USB charging that has a large capacity of usage after a full charge. You can use it for approx. 350times in a single full charge. It comes with some of the general instructions for cleaning and other maintenance issues.

What we like:

  • Windproof
  • Carbon steel
  • Durable
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • 360-degree rotating design
  • USB charging

#8. Fission Stainless Steel and ABS Electric Gas Lighter Battery for BBQ Stove (Green)

While buying an electric lighter, it is quite essential to consider the outer body material. This material provides extreme durability to the tool that is going to be used abundantly in your kitchen. This lighter is capable of providing a daily dose of igniting the flame of your stove so that you can get excellent cooking experience. It is made up of stainless steel and ABS plastic body that, in combination, provides effective durability.

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It has a specific size of 25cm that makes it quite easy to keep at any place. It comes in a green colour that provides a good touch to your kitchen interior. The apt quality of this lighter makes it credible enough and worth every penny. It is a safer option for your family and whoever likes to cook something in a jiffy. It is suitable for continuous use and rugged use.

The battery-operated feature makes it quite apt for constant usage. While buying, it is prescribed to check the type oF battery it works on. Keep a check on whole body design. If you want to get a relaxed approach, this is the light that can provide all the essential features. The satin handle is the USP of this lighter that provides an apt grip. The packaging is quite compact and does not cause any discrepancies.

What we like:

  • Comfort shaped
  • Battery operated
  • ABS plastic body
  • Ergonomic
  • Continuous use

#9. EZY OjasPiezo Element Electric Stainless Steel Gas Lighter

Acquiring a tool that is long-lasting and provides ample features is mandatory for every kitchen. Apart from the features, it is quite essential to buy a tool that provides immense safety. All these aspects are quite important while buying an electric lighter. This is among the best one which contains all the features. It is quite safe to use and can be handled with ease.

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The long and sleek design makes it attractive and helps the user in the best possible ways. With the advent of technology and the manufacturing technique used by Japanese manufactures is entirely redundant. The Piezo element of technology makes it quite durable for long-lasting usage. You can use this daily. This product is suitable for daily kitchen use.

The features of this lighter make it useful for any kind of gas stove. This lighter is capable of providing excellent functionality that gives other competitors a run for their money. With the usage of this lighter, you can make your cooking easy enough. The design of this lighter makes it apt for any kind of kitchen setup. Just opt for this and get a multitude of usage.

What we like:

  • Sleek and long design
  • Japanese technology
  • Durable
  • Piezo element technology

#10. Shivay_Store Plastic Maxtop 2 in 1 Kitchen Dolphin Shape Gas Electronic Lighter with LED Torch

Multi-use tools are the most preferable for kitchen use. This among the best multi-use electric gas lighter that fulfills numerous functions. If you are looking to buy one of the multi-use lighters for your kitchen, this is an apt one. The easy to use, the approach is the USP of this lighter. The attributes of this electric lighter make it worth this price tag. While buying, one should check for all the other attributes as well.

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It runs on 1 AA cell (1.5V), which helps to provide a non-stop spark for igniting the fire. These electric lighters come in different colours that make it appealing can choose one according to your kitchen interiors. The metal front cap provides safety o he body against the temperature. It also makes it quite safe. The convenience in using this lighter is way practical and helps to get a multitude of functions.

It is one of the tools that are the need of every home. It is equipped with an LED torch that can help you to find things in case of darkness. The ABS body plastic is quite rugged and provides durability to the lighter. It comes with some of the instructions that pieces of advice to take immense care while installing the battery. These tools should be kept away from children as well.

What we like:

  • Non-stop Spark
  • Metal Front cap
  • Convenient to use
  • Torch
  • ABS body

Best Electric Gas Lighters in India : Buying guide

Buying critical appliances for the kitchen is complex. Lighters keep an essential place in the kitchen essentials. Though these are smaller in shape, efficient working can be of utmost importance. While buying, it’s imperative to consider some of the best attributes. These attributes make buying simple enough. It is vital to ask for these attributes while opting for these. It will not only save your investment, but also provides practical help in the kitchen. Safety being the foremost aspect of this essential, it should be kept at the maximum level while narrowing down the choices. The following are the attributes that can save your time and money effectively when buying Best electric gas light.

  • Body

It is preferable to opt for a rugged body, as this is the tool that is being used continuously. Sometimes it gets misplaced due to odd places. A robust body electric lighter can be durable and help you out to have a hassle-free usage. Most of the lighters come with ABS plastic body, which is the most preferable one. While buying, you should provide immense importance to the body.

  • Battery operated

Most of the electric lighters work on batteries. These batteries should be durable standards that should provide an effective and long-lasting approach. If you are buying an electric lighter, then it vital to check the battery. Giving minimal attention to these can make you frustrated after buying. Keep a check on this attribute to get the maximum out of this tool. Lithium-ion batteries are the most preferable while buying these.

  • Handle grip

Though these electric lighters are button enabled, it is imperative to look for a good grip or handle. This is important from the safety aspect, as while igniting the flame shouldn’t catch your hand. The rough and continuous usage of the lighters can make it obsolete if the handle or grip is not considered when buying. Keep a check on this attribute and acquire a preferable one as per your need.

  • Price

The price is the foremost thing that should be considered while buying any type f utensils or tools. Remember the rough usage of these tools. Do not opt for a cheap one as you will not get durability in the cheap ones. Being smart while making a buying decision is very important. The price should be in between a legible range.

Final Word:

The best electric lighters in India can provide you with an all-around idea of these efficient tools. The list contains two of the best lighters according to their attributes. The first one is Crystal Plastic Continuous Spark Lighter that is an economical electric gas lighter with top of the class features and rugged body. Apart from the attributes and the features in this price range, it is apt for the kitchen use. The second one comes from a mid pricing section, which is equipped with lots of features that makes it handy and efficient. EZY OjasPiezo Element Electric Stainless Steel Gas Lighter is the best in the mid-price section, which is equipped with all the essential features of an excellent electric gas lighter.

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