Best Ironing Boards Stand In India 2020 – Read the Buying Guide

We hope you are doing well with your steam irons and dry irons. Ironing clothes is never a comfortable job for a newbie on an uneven surface because it can damage your clothes.

Moreover, no one wants their clothes should be damaged anyway. Most of the people don’t have an iron table in their home, which makes their ironing work tough.

So, it is very much necessary that you must have the best ironing board in your home for easy ironing your clothes and attires. It also enhances your laundry, where you can systematically do your ironing work without any disturbance.

We request you to go with each and every detail of the product i.e best ironing boards so that you can easily buy it without any hesitation.

Here are Top 5 Best Ironing Boards in India

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Ironing BoardsImageProduct DimensionPrice
Bathla X-Pres Acebest ironing board143 x 42 x 10 cm
PAffy Metal Ironing Boardbest iron stand india143 x 39 x 10 cm
TruGood Folding Ironing Boardbest iron board in india47 x 122 cm
Parasnath Heavy Ironing Boardbest iron boards47 X 122 cm
Bathla X-Pres Ace Litebest iron board india143 x 42 x 10 cm

1. Bathla X-Pres Ace – Large Foldable Ironing Board

Right now it is the best ironing board in India which is because of its great durability, strongness, and quality metal. Bathla iron board comes with great and quality features that completely takes care of your ironing work. It has got a great look from all angles which makes a sturdy iron board and shine as well. The color combinations are grey and orange which gives a finished ironing board

  • The product is made of soft and durable metal for a long run and easy movement.
  • It comes with a wire holder for keeping the wire of iron so that you can iron freely.
  • The cover is aluminum coated and saves around 40% energy when it is being heated up.
  • The best product so far in the iron board with 2 years of warranty.
  • You can easily adjust the height according to your needs.
  • Wire holder for hassle free work.
  • Unique design with the color combinations.
  • 2 years of warranty on the product.
  • Adjustable wire stand for easy movement.
  • Costier than other iron boards.

2. PAffy Metal Ironing Board Foldable with Grilled Iron Holder, White

This is another best iron stand to consider in your home for easy ironing work. The features are great which makes the iron board different from others. As features are more so it is a multifunctional iron board with the foldable part.

best iron stand india

  • It is made up of high-quality steel which makes strengthen its durability.
  • The base of iron is cover with a cotton cloth for transferring heat and saving energy.
  • It also comes with a large iron holder with silicon rubber.
  • The feet of the iron stand is incorporated with Anti-skid PVC shoes.
  • You can easily adjust the height according to your needs.
  • 2 years of warranty on the product.
  • Compact design and sturdy look.
  • Wire holder for easy ironing.
  • Balance of the stand is not appropiate.

3. TruGood Folding Ironing Board Iron Table with PRESS Stand – XL

TruGood folding Ironing Board is just like a steel frame which makes it different from other boards. The frame of the iron board is made up of super steel which makes it more stronger and durable. Moreover, the board is shockproof and prevents it from shock.

best iron board in india

  • The Dimensions of the iron board is 18 x 48 inch (47 X 122 cm).
  • It has been designed in such a way that it can be adjusted easily according to user needs.
  • The feet of the stand are cover with rubber caps for easy grip so that it doesn’t move unnecessary.
  • The frame of the board is wooden which makes it shockproof.
  • Frame of board is hard and shockproof.
  • Easily height can adjustable.
  • No warranty.

4. Parasnath Heavy Folding Large Ironing Board Table 18″ X 48″ (Colour May Vary, Multi-Color)

At number 4 we have Parasnath Heavy Folding Large Ironing Board Table for quick ironing which will give you a different experience. It comes with different features which makes a strong and durable iron board. Moreover, your laundry will outshine with this heavy iron board.

best iron boards

  • This is an adjustable ironing board which can be adjusted according to user’s need.
  • The dimensions of this iron board are 18 X 48 Inch ( 47 X 122 cm ).
  • The cover of the board protects the clothes from being stick to the surface.
  • Moreover, it is suitable for steam irons.
  • It has been built with protective feet with knobs to prevent scratches.
  • Various heights can be set according to user’s prefrence.
  • It comes with an iron holder for easy storage.
  • The foam is used of cheap quality.

5. Bathla X-Pres Ace Lite – Foldable Ironing Board with Aluminised Ironing Surface (Silver)

This is the same brand iron board that was listed in top position but this one is Lite Version of it. The features are exactly the same as the regular version of it. The sturdy look of the iron board makes your laundry a complete one.

best iron board india

  • It is made up of strong metal which increases its durability of this iron board.
  • Easily you can adjust the height of the board according to your preference.
  • The cover is aluminum coated and saves around 40% energy when it is being heated up.
  • It comes with a wire holder for keeping the wire of iron so that you can iron freely.
  • 2 years of warranty on the product.
  • Easy and fast ironing.
  • Costlier than iron boards.

Things You Should Consider Before You Buy the Best Ironing Board

Before you go for buying the iron board you should keep many things in your mind. There are several factors to consider in mind and by keeping all these essential factors you can compare and have the best ironing board in your home.

1. Size

One of the most important factors to consider while you go for buying an iron board. There are various sizes available in the market and people often get confused about which size is the perfect one for their ironing work. So, it is best considered that one should choose the iron board based on his formal and daily wear clothes. You should never choose an iron board which has less space rather you should choose medium space or large space.

2. Height and Weight

Always choose the iron stand which has a normal height with an adjustable feature in it. This is because there are various people who can do ironing work in your home and they all have different heights. Moreover, you need to take care of weight as well. Choose a lightweight iron stand so that you can move freely in your home and save your time. The normal height of the stand lies between 28 inches to 36 inches.

3. On-Board Material

Here is another important point that is neglected commonly by users. It is very much important to note the onboard material of the iron board. You should check the quality of the material which is covered on the frame of the board whether it is heat resistible or not. This is because if you choose low-quality material then your clothes may be burn due to excessive heat.

4. Cover

The cover is an important material in iron boards as they prevent the burning of clothes. Most of the iron boards don’t come with covers. However, you can buy covers for your iron boards. Also, you should check for good quality padding for easy ironing work. So, the cover is an important aspect to consider when you buy an ironing board.

5. Extra Features

  • Iron Rest:- Now you can see in most ironing boards a storage type of box is made to keep the iron while you do your ironing work.
  • Hacking rack:- It is a place where you can keep your ironed clothes for no distraction.
  • Sleeve attachment:- This feature is amazing because it lets you iron clothes in the left area part.


Finally, we are here at the end of the post of the best ironing board in India. It’s a simple product but yet most useful and a safety signal for ironing work and keeping your clothes warmer and pressed. We hope you have got an idea with this post on iron boards and you have clear all your doubts in your mind. So, now you can pick your best ironing board for sure. If you have found this article useful then comment on your thoughts in the comment section and share your experience with iron boards.

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